Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Hey, guys hope you are blogging well and want to make more money from your blog. It is not tough to make more…

No matter on which niche or language you write a blog, there are many several ways by which you can make money very easily just try to get more and more traffic on your blog.

Topics Covered in This Article:
1- Adsense
2- Affiliate Marketing
3- Sponsorship
4- Sell Digital Products
5- Accept Paid Guest Post

More visitors means more conversion and more earning, So you just keep in your mind, of course, you use these ways but your first priority should be more traffic on your website.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Now just follow these steps and one by one method you can use on your beautiful blog. If still, you don’t have a blog then learn here How to Start a Blog for Free.

1- Adsesne

Hope you have already heard about Adsense. It is the most common and popular way to make money from the blog. Many bloggers use it and earn a lot of money.

How to Get Adsense Approval

Adsense Approval is not too tough. If you want to get approval then follow these steps.

1- Publish at least 20 unique and long Posts.

2- Try to write in English, other languages also accepted but on English post, it’s easier to get approved.

3- Make some important pages like – About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer.

4- Use royalty-free images. don’t copy any images or content. Download royalty-free images for free forever.

5- Use a Custom domain name and Good hosting. You can use Bluehost hosting many big bloggers use it. It will help you to maintain the speed of your blog.

6- Adsense doesn’t require any minimum traffic so don’t worry about the traffic. But to generate revenue, you will need good numbers of visitors on your blog. So write more and more unique posts.

2- Affiliate Marketing

Related to your blog’s niche you can choose some products using affiliate account to sale.

Example – If you have a blog on ‘Beauty Tips’ then you can make an affiliate account on Amazon or Flipkart and show their beauty products on your blog and recommend to your visitors.

Using Affiliate marketing you will earn on every sale. Commission rates depend on products. You can check it out commission rates and you can track your sales as well as clicks in your affiliate account.

Go and Join Affiliate there is no joining fee but they will review your blog and if they satisfied, you will be approved.

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3- Sponsorship

Once your blog starts to get heavy traffic, you will get sponsored very easily. Many companies find blogs for sponsoring. they pay for publishing a post about their Products.

They pay a good amount. Many bloggers earn more than 10000$ using this method.

4- Sell Digital Products

Write your own ebooks with deep knowledge. Write once sell multiple times and generate more revenue. Fix your price and Put in the sidebar and anywhere else.

Other than Ebook you can sell many more Products like themes, Plugins, Photos, Subscription etc.

5- Accept Paid Guest Post

Every blogger wants to publish a guest post on any popular blog to get more traffic. But popular bloggers don’t allow guest post for free they ask some amount and unique content.

So if your blog will have good traffic you will also get this opportunity to earn more using this method.

You should also try to do some guest posting on another blog on the same niche and put your 1 or 2 post URL from your blog and start to get more traffic.

Now start these methods and start earning. For any query feels free to comment or contact Us.

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